Beitrag des Monats Mai 2022

Im Mai wurde es gruselig im Englsichunterricht. Die Schüler:innen schrieben spannende Geistergeschichten, die wir hier mit euch teilen möchten.

Archibald, the ghost

Archibald was a young ghost that liked looking at the bright sky with stars. One night, he wanted to go for a little walk to see some beautiful stars. He was very happy, because he could go through walls. Suddenly, he heard a dogs barking behind him. He got scared and ran away as fast as possible, but Archibald didn’t notice a three that was in front of him and he ran into the tree. Then Archibald got a wound on his head. In the end, the dog hugged him and said, “I’m very sorry. What is your name?”, asked the dog. “My name is Archibald, and yours?” answered he. “Oh, my name is Archibald too!” They both laughed.

(Sascha 2a)

A failed task

So there was a nice guy who was clumsy and sadly, he passed away. His name was Archibald. Archibald was a young ghost and he began to learn how to pass through things. One day, he tried to go through a big wall that was thick. He thought about the other failed attempts. Archibald said to himself, “I can do this. I’m ready for it!” So he concentrated so hard. Slowly, he went forward and to his surprise, he made it. He shouted, “Hooray, I can do it!” He was so happy that he started to dance. Then a dog appeared, but Archibald didn’t think about it. He then realized that dogs could see ghosts. So he began to fly as fast as Usain Bolt. He didn’t realize that he was about to crash into a tree. Finally, he looked ahead. Boom!! He crashed into the tree. In the end, the dog wasn’t aggressive. He cried and said,” Oh no! It hurts so much!”

(Tumee, 2a)

A scary adventure

A little ghost lived in an old castle in a cobwebbed corner. He loved the attic of the castle. He was one of those harmless little ghosts who haunted places by night but never hurt anyone. He always flew to see the town by day instead of by night. But a town by daylight was no place for a little white ghost. Then one day it happened. The flew through a tunnel and then suddenly there was a headless knight. All of a sudden, a cross appeared in his hand he used it to kill the knight. After that, a black ghost came out o  the knight. The white ghost tried to escape, but there was a wall at the end and he couldn’t go through walls yet. He tried to go through the wall but he hit his head and lost consciousness. He felt something shake him and it was the black ghost. The black ghost dusted himself off and it was actually his brother, who was looking for him. They laughed and went home.

(Naomi, 2a)