Writing project

What should go wrong when you go on vacation? Well, apparently a lot - according to the adventures of students from class 3A. During an in-class creative writing workshop, the students came up with interesting and entertaining stories that might have taken place 😉

My worst trip (by Tumee)

One time, when I was five, I went to the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. I wanted to go to Mongolia with my mom and brother. At first, we lost our luggage for a few minutes. But then, we found it again. Our flight then got delayed by five or seven hours. I can't remember that well. So we waited for five or seven hours and after that we got on the plane. There weren't any problems at first, but then a woman sat at our booked place. We showed her our tickets, but she ignored them. Then, one of the flight attendants came. She said, "Please show me your ticket." She showed her the ticket and there was an other seat number printed on the ticket. The flight attendant asked her to switch seats. But she didn't move. Of course her name was Karen. Or at least she behaved like a Karen. Then the captain came and my brother went like, "Oh my God!", and I was like, "Okay, calm down. It's just the captain." The highlight was that she got kicked off the plane. Back then, my brother explained the entire situation because I didn't understand English at that time. As my brother explained it, I burst out laughing. The rest of the trip was smooth without any problems.

My worst trip (by Naomi and Marvin)

Last year I went on vacation to Croatia. It all went well until my mum decided to go to the beach with us. At first, we didn't want to go, but then my mum said that she would buy us some chocolate ice cream at the beach. She convinced us and we got dressed. My little brother packed his bathing shorts with elephants on them into his backpack. My sister did the same but she had a bathing suit with unicorns on it. My dad didn't have any other shoes, so he put on his hiking shoes. So we set off to the beach. When we got there, the beach was very crowded. We couldn't even see the sea. So we had to go back home and our mum didn't even buy us any chocolate ice cream.

My worst trip (by Malak and Daniel)

Last year I went on vacation to Finland. It all went well until we missed the flight. We waited for hours for the next flight. When we arrived, there was an elephant in the luggage room. Then some men came and took it away. Because of the long flight, we wanted to buy some ice cream. It was too expensive, so we only bought one chocolate ice cream. When we got the ice cream we saw a hair in it and then we wanted to get our money back. We did get it back and called a taxi. It arrived late and we waited for 30 minutes. He drove us to the hotel we had booked. When we arrived, they told us that they lost the key for our room. Luckily, they had a spare key. We then went to sleep. On the next day we went hiking, but I had lost my hiking shoes. So, I borrowed some hiking shoes from other people. What a terrible trip!